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Located in the southeast of Shanxi Province,Jincheng covers an area of 9490 km2 with a population of 2.31 million. There are six counties (Chengqu,Zezhou,Gaoping,Yangc-heng,Lingchuan and Qinshui respectively) and one national economic and technological development zone under its jurisdiction.


Owning convenient location and transportation, Jincheng has been confirmed by the Chinese Government as a core city in the Cental Plains Urban Agglomeration. Its three-dimensional transportation network connects Jincheng with the major economic belts such as Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta.


Owing to the considerable reserves of anthracite, coal bed methane(CBM), dolomite, limestone and bauxite in Jincheng, Jincheng won the reputation of “ the home of coal and iron”. The identified reserves of coal and CBM are 27.3 billion tons and 6.8 trillion cubic meters respectively, accounting for 1/4 of those in China. Known as KA Treasure House of biological resources” , Jincheng is the largest sericulture base and an important husbandry base in Shanxi with the rich resources such as livestock, silk, minor crops, dry fruits and Chinese herbs.


Jincheng has mild weather and plenty rainfall. The summer is not sweltering and the winter is not freezing. The annual precipitation is 650mm. The annual average temperature is 11.5°C. The forest coverage is 39.2%. The green coverage rate, green space rate and per capita public green space are 45.8%, 43.2% and 15.5m2 respectively in the built area of the central city. The air quality can reach nationalll standards being worthy of the name as “A Livable City”.


Basing on the rich resources, after years of development, the city has formed an industry structure with the coal industry as the base, with the industries like electric power generation, smelting & casting industry, coal chemical industry, coal-bed methane and equipment manufacturing industry as leading, with medicine&food making, new materials production, and silk&linen textile and other industry as supplement.


Focusing on developing ten top industries around the goal of the new industrial project and high-tech industrial project.

Optical Mechanical Electronic Industry: As the hometown of Mr Guo Taiming, the president of Foxconn group, Jincheng has become an important production base for optical communication connector, optical lens module, precision mould and industrial robot with the development and growth of Foxconn Industry Park. Basing on successful experiences on Foxconn, Jincheng is fully committed to invite manufactures of high-end products, such as mobile phone, white household appliances and liquid crystal glass to build factories here, and put all efforts to build the first-class optical mechanical electric industry base.

Electronic Information Industry: Jincheng has well-developed infrastructure for information industry, it has laid solid foundation for boosting the applications of Internet of things, high-performance integrated circuits, cloud computing and big data technology in the fields of industries and civil sector, promote the intelligence level of traditional products , and make residents’ life more easier and comfortable. Therefore, Jincheng has a more superiority in developing electronic information industry.

High-End Equipment Manufacturing Industry: Jincheng is a famous "foundry land" for its traditional strength of smelting and casting,which is gradually changing to intelligent casting. It is the main target for Jincheng to develop high&medium-end manufacturing industry to pay great attention to developing equipment manufacturing industries, covering coal mining equipment, coal-bed methane exploitation equipment, wind power generation equipment, gas power generation equipment, rail transportation equipment and automobile manufacturing equipment, etc. by taking advantage of the foundry industry, the city starts off by developing the automobile, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery and precision components manufacturing.

Biotechnology Industry: Jincheng is the key area of growing herbs for traditional Chinese medicine as Codon-opsis pilosula, fructus forsythiae, Scutellaria baicalensis, Cornus officinalis, hawthorn, radix bupleuri, chrysanthemum,Salvia miltiorrhiza, with nearly 53.3 hectare of the total planting area. Jincheng is developing herbs deep processing industry,precision medical industry and genetic engineering.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry: For the leading coal-bed methane development and utilization technology in China, an industrial development system has been formed, which features integration of coal-bed methane exploration, transportation and liquefaction, and comprehensive utilized as fuel by the civil, cars&industries and electricity generation industry. Besides, transform and upgrade of traditional industry, Jincheng gives priority to developing energy-saving industry, resources recycling industry and environmental protection equipment industry.

New Energy: Jincheng has rich wind resources and certain experiences on photovoltaic, car battery and other new energy industries. We will put efforts to introducing solar modules, automobile batteries, wind power generation, biomass power generation, and coal-bed methane downstream products development industries to develop the

New Materials: New materials industries are developing strongly, such as nanometer calcium carbonate, functional ceramics, hollow glass beads and others. We would like to mainly introduce manufacturing industries of 3D glass, nano materials, special ceramics, graphene, polyamide fibers and engineering plastics etc.


For unit and individual directly bringing in funds from outside of the city to set up production enterprises, a reward, equivalent to 5%0 of the total paid-in funds shall be awarded, and the maximum reward for a single project shall be CNY 5,000,000

For project with a total investment of over 1 billion yuan, a reward, equivalent they shall be rewarded with 2% of the actual investment in the year, and the maximum award shall be no more than 10 million yuan; For project with a total investment of over 2 billion yuan, a reward, equivalent they shall be rewarded with 3% of the actual investment in the year, and the maximum award shall be no more than 30million yuan; For project with a total investment of over 3 billion yuan, a reward, equivalent they shall be rewarded with 4% of the actual investment in the year, and the maximum award shall be no more than 60 million yuan;

For the projects that enter nestle in the city’ s industrial park, when the investment intensity int the newly added land reaches more than 3 miilion yuan per mu, a bonus of 100,000 yuan per mu shall be awarded; when the investment intensity reaches more than 5 miilion yuan, a bonus of 150,000 yuan per mu shall be awarded. Moreover, if it is world ’ s top 500 company, China’ s top 500 company, or the top 20 of the industry, an extra bonus of 30,000 yuan per mu shall be awarded on top of the bonuses above mentioned. All the bonuses described herein shall come form city' s and country' s fiscal fund and shared by the same in a 50/50 model.

For the encouraged industries/projects, if it’ s annual total tax accounted for over 4% of its sales revenue, since its date of being put into operation, an incentive equivalent to 40% of the portion retained by the local government shall be given. If it annual total tax accounted for over 6% of its sales revenue, an incentive equivalent to 60% of the portion retained by the local government shall be given. This incentive shall be effective for 3 years.

For total tax paid in the territory of the city, which is identified as headquarter economy, a subsidy of 3 million yuan shall be conferred at a time, and an incentive equivalent to 70% of the tax retained by local government shall be given for 3 consecutive years.

For world top 500 enterprises, China top 500 enterprises and top 20 enterprises of the industry, which invest 1 billion yuan in such high-tech industries, as optical mechanical electric, electronic information, high-end equipment manufacturing, biotechnology, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy and new materials etc.,the policy of "one project one discussion" shall be implemented.


Giving the introduced academician who comes to work in Jincheng 10 million yuan for scientific research fund, 2 million yuan for settling-in allowance, 0.4 million yuan for work premium, 0.2 million yuan living subsidy.

Giving the introduced high-level talents like “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts" 10 million yuan for scientific research fund, 1 million yuan for settling-in allowance, 0.2 million yuan for work premium, 0.1 million yuan living subsidy.

Giving the introduced academic technology leader of state- level key disciplines and specialties, key laboratory, engineering and technological research center 10 million yuan for scientific research fund,1 million yuan for settling-in allowance, 0.1 million yuan for work premium.

Giving the introduced civil and international talents who are badly in need 0.5 settling-in allowance,0.1 million yuan for work premium.

Giving the high-level talents who are coining Jincheng to start a business, carry out technology project cooperation,do technical guidance and communication the international and civil traveling expenses, living allowances and 60% salary (as the base of contract between employer and talents).

Subsidizing 0.5 million yuan for the new academician workstation, 0.3 million yuan for the new Dr Workstation and postdoctoral research innovation practice base.

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