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Jingang Group3 million square meters of clean energy waste heat heating project started
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On the morning of August 23rd, the launching ceremony of the 3 million square meter clean energy waste heat project of Shanxi iron and steel group was held at the plant area of Jincheng steel group. Mayor Wu Hongwen announced the start of the project, and press start to start the ball, vice mayor Wang Hongwei speech at the ceremony.

Shanxi Steel Group, 3 million square meters of clean energy waste heat heating project total investment of 86 million yuan, is divided into two phases, relying on blast furnace slag water heat and cold heat ring sintering machine after treatment for end users to provide heating in winter with no filter type "blast furnace slag water direct heat heat recovery" advanced technology. The projects are all completed, can provide heating in winter for the male town and the surrounding villages 3 million square meters about 30000 users. Compared with coal-fired boiler as heat source as heating source to reduce annual coal consumption of 75000 tons of standard coal utilization of industrial waste heat, but also can be reduced because of coal-fired boiler flue gas emissions of 824 million 700 thousand cubic meters, to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions 2084 tons, 10547 tons of dust emission, reduce carbon emissions 195088 tons two. At the same time, enterprises to achieve energy-saving emission reduction and recycling development, improve the surrounding environment.

Wang Hongwei in his speech on the construction of the project expressed warm congratulations, he said, the city as one of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei "2+26" air pollution transmission channel city, this year's winter heating cleaning engineering, listed by the state planning to first clean heating north area scope of implementation was the provincial government as an important political task the province's air pollution control, hundred-percent requirements must be completed. Zezhou as the city's clean heating tasks, large counties, the main battlefield, we must fully support the project construction, and strive to build the project into a popular project, quality projects. Shanxi Steel Group and the construction unit to inverted schedule, flipchart operations, efficient propulsion and high standard construction, to ensure that the project be completed using.

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