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The Jincheng campus of the Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
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Jincheng campus of Taiyuan University of Science and Technology is approved by the Shanxi Provincial People's government, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology and the Jincheng Municipal People's government to build a new campus.

Taiyuan University of Science and Technology Jincheng campus is located in Zezhou County, Jincheng City, covers an area of 1002.9 mu, building area of 559 thousand square meters, including teaching buildings, laboratory buildings, student apartments, student canteen, landscape river, comprehensive track and field construction etc.. The configuration of the campus library in charge of business system and electronic resource sharing system and school library resources; campus network cable and wireless coverage, the shopping, dining, bathing, borrow books and other functions of the card and other functions; the configuration of the campus broadcast system, campus monitoring system, heating, power supply, water supply system; the configuration of the medical campus room, police room, postal, supermarket, self-service banking service places the life of teachers and students.

Jincheng campus now has 5 management institutions, 1 teaching aid institutions and 2 teaching institutions. Investment 110 million, the construction of a high standard of basic laboratory, the campus also has the province's first 3D printing, creating customer space and entrepreneurial center.

The specialized arrangement is arranged by the school, and the teachers are selected by the school. The standard of personnel, the training mode and the quality of education are in full accordance with the school based department. Jincheng campus is currently 2476 students, distributed in transportation, environmental science, energy, chemical engineering, software engineering and other 17 undergraduate disciplines. At present, the campus work is running well, school spirit, teaching style, style of study by the provincial government and all circles of society affirmed and praised [1].

Jincheng campus, adhering to "load ahead, Dusing truth-seeking" spirit and "Khalid ents, the core idea of educational innovation", rooted in Jincheng, facing Shanxi, radiation Central Plains, focusing on the layout of intelligent manufacturing, energy resources, intelligence application subject cluster, focus on training innovative application, adapt to the needs of regional economic development composite type, senior specialized talents, the future will be built into a base for training service based in Jincheng, Shanxi, the national radiation "talent, technological innovation and cultural construction of garden heights.

Welcome to Jincheng

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