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Gaoping “Ten Big Bowls”
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It is a unique food which consists of ten dishes: water white meat, walnut meat, soup of meat balls, Chuan soup of meat, soup of animals’ intestine, egg soup, swan eggs, tender rice and soup of beans. Each dish has a special taste like the cuisine of the north and the south. However the dishes are put in bowls instead of plates. Because the dishes in a bowl call be called soup, so Ten Big Bowls are also called the soup in a bowl. Ten Big Bowls consist of both vegetables and meat, and the most typical and delicious vegetarian dish is the swan egg. Before you have some sweet dessert, you have to wash your chopsticks or spoons in a bowl of clean water to avoid the messing of the flavors. In Gaoping, you will see the Ten Big Bowls in the banquets for weddings, funerals, baby shower, moving to a new house and so on.

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