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Investment fair opens in Jincheng
Source: Jincheng

The sixth Shanxi (Jincheng) Investment and Trade fair commenced in Jincheng, Shanxi province on August 9. More than 200 representatives of Shanxi Chambers of Commerce from around China, and other provinces' chambers of commerce based in Shanxi attended the meeting.

The municipal government has made great efforts to promote innovation, transformation and upgrading of the city's economy, according to Yang Qinrong, vice-mayor of Jincheng.

A series of preferential policies were released concerning investment, land use, tax, and the introduction of skilled workers. The city also provides financial support and accommodation to academics and high-level experts.

"We will make full use of local advantages to create an innovative development model," said Yang at the opening ceremony.

"The government will offer comprehensive services for investors to establish a win-win partnership," he added.

The event consisted of three parts: an online and an off-line exhibition of Jincheng's special products, and a conference to attract Shanxi merchants and experts to return home.

The online exhibition lasted from Aug 7 to 9, with the aim of promoting tourism at Taihang Mountain, as well as local businesses and products.

The offline exhibition started on Aug 8, with more than 40 local businesses taking part. The products on display included local specialties, artwork made from iron and glass, as well as textiles and garments.

Welcome to Jincheng

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