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Python River Scenic Spot
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It is located in Sanglin Village, 33 km in the south of Yangcheng County, covers an area of 58 km2, with hillstones standing in great numbers, clear waters and beautiful hills, crowed birds, and hundreds of flowers contend to blossom. There are macaque, giant salamander (frog fish), musk deer, Asian golden cat, golden eagle, panthera pardus, big black butterfly, sinowilsonia henryi, euptelea pleiospermum, pteroceltis tatarinowii, Chinese hemp agrimony, cornus mas tree, taxus chinensis and other rare animals and plants. The famous Waterfall Cave, Mount Houtou, Jiuqu River and Lotus Pond are spectacular to have clear water like jasper, attractive beautiful scenes are attainable all the year round, especially in fall when it is best to see the forests all tinged. The naughty macaques living at the Python River and shuttling back and forth across woods and freestones are lively and robust, and they are of a monkey folk rare in the North China to bring a lot of fun to visitors. The ground calcification landscape covering an overall length of 10 km was called the only calcified canyon wonder in Eastern China by geological experts.



Python River Village, Python River Town, Yangcheng County

Best time to travel

all year round

Travel Tips

The average temperature of the scenic spot is 14℃, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, you shall prepare more clothes to prevent a cold

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