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Zhao Shuli’s Former Residence
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There are books, boxes made by willows, leather trunk, living goods in the Zhao Shuli’s former residence. The residence is the building of Qing dynasty, and typical northern rural quadrangle dwelling. The house faces to the south, and the gate is situated in the southeastern corner. There are three central rooms, two side rooms in the west and two side rooms in the east, and two small rooms in the southwest. The western room has been collapsed, only the base address left. All the buildings are two-floor buildings with masonry-timber structure. The passageways for central room and western room have eaves, and the stairs are in the courtyard.



Wichi Village, Jiafeng Town, Qinshui County, Shanxi Province

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The automobiles can be parked in the Weichi Village; there is one Weijiachi gas station in the Weichi Village; there is a commune hospital in the Jiafeng Town, and there is one clinic in the Weichi Village; the banks are only in the Qinshui County, and there is ICBC, ABC, Bank of China, and China Postal Savings Bank in the county town.

Welcome to Jincheng

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