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Yin Lingzhi Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs
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Yinlingzhi Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs is built for commemorating heroic figure Yin Lingzhi which is the type of Liu Hulan. Yin Lingzhi is a famous heroine in Shanxi Province. On Nov. 3, 1947, in order to protect public grain and help shifting public safety, Yin Lingzhi, aged 16, prevented the masses from killing. The Yin Lingzhi Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs is built in Shouyang County in 1965. Since establishment of 40 years, many national heads of state, international friends from Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, and Cuba, cadres, masses, youths, students visit here, which becomes most active revolutionary traditional educational base. Recently, cemetery seems outdated. Therefore, local government decides to build new cemetery of revolutionary martyrs in order to better carry out the responsibilities of patriotism, defense education, and moral education base, and create “red tourism”.



Beiping, Shouyang County Town, Shanxi Province.

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