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Eastern siyi Village in Zezhou County
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Eastern siyi Village has much valuable cultural heritages, such as “Songpeng Temple”, “Shenglin Nunnery”, “Chastity Memorial Archway”, “Compound of Shi Family” ect. They are all well preserved. Other heritages are former site of Siyi Drama which has stood for more than 200 years; drama stage “Dance-Music Tower” left from Ming Dynasty; the most symbolic temple “Dragon-King Temple” and ‘Golden Chicken Stage”. It’s said that a phoenix once landed here. Adjustment of industrial structure is the lifeline for the development of Eastern Siyi Village: How to develop enterprises in a healthy way and how to make them larger and stronger? After several years of efforts, more than ten scenic spots were built here. The striking ones are Agricultural Tour, Park of Eastern Siyi Village, Ecological Garden of Dragon-King Mountain, Patriotic Education Base and Water Park. It has become a new and developing tourism city with local distinct feature in the cities of Shanxi. It has received many honors one after another: the Demonstration Site of Agricultural Tour of Shanxi, Civilized Scenic Spot, Advanced Group of Tourism Work, Advanced Village of Tourism Development, Advanced Group of Tourism Security.



Southeast side of Taihang Mountain, boards to Tai-Luo Road, Tai-Jiao Railway and Chang-Jin Expressway

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All year round

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This scenic spot includes Water Park, Agricultural Tour.

Welcome to Jincheng

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