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Xiyagou Village, Lingchun County
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Xiyagou Village, the national agricultural tourism site, is located at the junction between Shanxi and Henan Provinces, in the southeast of Lingchuan County, it is surrounded by mountains, and there is a deep gorge in the village where the stream flows with a rich susurrus all the year round. It is not only a land of clear waters and beautiful scenery, but also pleasant climate, winter is not too cold, and summer is not too hot. All villages, dwellings and crisscross footpaths between fields and gardens are unique of primitive simplicity, and good to hear or see. It also has pure and honest public sentiment, ancient customs all over again, men and women, young and old in the village are delight and carefree, kind and polite, so someone inscribe an inscription saying: Rugged mountains and beautiful water form the Penglai territory, and a cave paradise is the Peach Garden. After the magnificent feat of cutting into a mountain for building the road by people in the ditch for 30 years, it caused a strong reaction in the whole province and in the whole country, and Xiyagou Village is well-known therefrom.



Lingchuan County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province

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