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Huangcheng Village of Yangcheng County
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Huangcheng Village is located on the west bank of the Yellow River and in the Fanchuan Canyon of Taihang Mountain, which covers 2.5 square kilometers. It is quite a small village with only over 700 people. As one of the National 5-A-class tourist areas created by the Ecological Park of the Royal Premier's Palace, the Ecological Agriculture Tourism Area of Huangcheng Village plans to cover the area of 1,072 mu, basically completes the construction of the ecological agriculture area and the ecological tending area, builds four gutter-connected greenhouses and 18 sunlight greenhouses; plants over 60 different tree species including maidenhair tree, honey locust, five-leaved pine, Mountain Tai pine, Reevesia pubescens, flowering cherry, Chinese redbud, and kiwi with evergreen all the year round and flowers in three seasons. There is a rare flower park, a tropical coquette park, a strange fruit and vegetable park, and a health preserving park in the four gutter-connected greenhouses; domestic high-quality fruits and vegetables are introduced in the 18 sunlight greenhouses, which shows the development achievements in modern high-tech agriculture. The relaxation resort and landscape health preserving area are under construction now.



Yangcheng County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province

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Welcome to Jincheng

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