Jue Mountain
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Jue Mountain, located in Zezhou County on the south bank of Dan River 17 km in the southeast of Jincheng City, with an elevation of 973 m, an area of about 10 km2, only one path to the top of the mountain, is known as the first wonder of the land in Wei and Jin Dynasties. The Jue Mountain has tall, straight and steep double peak, like standing out in the crowd; the Jue Mountain vomits the moon at night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is always a wonderland; red leaves are dispersed on the slope in golden fall, and the scenery is spectacular. When you pick up the steps to hike, and there are Black Tiger Cave, Mountain Gate, Turtle Mountain, the first Heaven Gate, the second Heaven Gate, the third Heaven Gate, Enforcer Peak, Emperor Xuan House, Heavenly Southern Gate, Prince Slope, Moon Over Pavilion, Founder Peak and other landscapes you can visit.The QingLian Temple just near the Jue Mountain, located at the Xia Shi hillside on the north side of the southern manor of the temple, is divided into upper and lower courtyards. The Hall of Heavenly Kings, Depositarry of Buddhist Texts, Gautama House, Mahavira Hall and two-wing-room Arhat Tower, God of Earth Tower, Scripture Hall, Monk House and Depositarry of Buddhist Texts are arranged in proper order along the central axis of the upper courtyard of QingLian Temple. A cliff stand like a wall in the east of the courtyard, flat as a stand at the top, and it is said to serve as the writing brush throwing stand for the Chan master Huiyuan, an eminent monk of the Jin Dynasty, to note the Nirvana Sutra.


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