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Shanxi Recommends 11 Fine Tourist Routes

May 19, 2022 is the 12th China Tourism Day themed with "Understanding Chinese Culture and Enjoying Wonderful Journey". Aiming at promoting Shanxi’s unique natural and cultural landscape, Shanxi Provincial Culture and Tourism Department recommended 11 fine tourism routes in the province’s 11 prefecture-level cities, that provide tourists exceptional travel experience. 

Taiyuan——A Splendid City with Ancient Glamours

[Recommended Route]

Night Recreation Tour

Food Court - Zhonglou Street - Taiyuan Ancient Town - Taiyuan Fangte Theme Park - Qinglong Ancient Town - Fenhe Park

[Route Features]

When the noise of the day fades away, Taiyuan under the night curtain is more charming. The night breeze cools the summer heat. As a national pilot city for promoting cultural and tourism business, the charm of Taiyuan at night is not only the ablaze lights, but also the blended taste of daily life.

Datong——Ancient Capital of Great Unity

[Recommended Route]

Elite Cultural Tour

Yungang Grottoes - Jinhuagong National Mine Park - Huayan Temple - Shanhua Temple - Datong Ancient City Wall - Datong Museum - Xuankong Temple at Hengshan Mountain

[Route Features]

Datong is one of the first batch of 24 key cities with historic and cultural significance announced by the State Council. Once the capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty, alternative capital of the Liao and Jin Dynasties, as well as a major city during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Datong boasts profound cultural and historical deposits to be testified by its numerous attractions.

Yangquan——A City of Sunshine and Springs 

[Recommended Route]

Diversified Cultural and Natural Landscape

Dachang Hot Spring – Changshan Mountain Scenic Spot – Hongyanling Ridge – Taolingou Valley – Shinaoshan Battlefield Site – Site of the First City Founded by the CPC – Xiaohe Ancient Village and Birthplace of Revolutionist Shi Pingmei – the Great Wall at Niangziguan Pass and Guguan Pass

[Route Features]

Yangquan is a place to trace the footprint of revolutionists, to experience hot spiring SPA, and to see the ancient Great Wall and the delicate old villages.

Changzhi—— A City with the Magnificent View of Taihang Mountains

[Recommended Route]

Scenery of Taihang Mountain and Revolutionary Traditions 

Baquanxia Gorge-Longmen Temple (Pingshun County) - Huangyadong Arsenal Site - Memorial Hall of Eighth Route Army Headquarter at Zhuanbi Village

[Route Features]

Baquanxia Gorge, reputed for its amazing landform and superior natural environment, is an ideal destination for nature lovers, where you can also take the 208-meter high sightseeing elevator and the breathtaking bended cableway.

Jincheng - Oriental Ancient Castle amid Splendid Taihang Mountain

[Recommended Route]

A Livable and Idyllic City with Oriental Ancient Castles and Splendid Taihang Mountain Views

Huangcheng Chancellor’s House – Guoyu Ancient Town – Manghe Nature Reserve – Situ Town – Wang Mangling Ridge – Jueshan Mountain – Dayang Ancient Town – Baimasi Forest Park

[Route Features]

Located amid the Taihang, Wangwu and Zhongtiao Mountains, Jincheng boasts beautiful landscape and rich biological resources. Being at a strategic location and once an important transportation hub, Jincheng maintains a cluster of ancient castles characterized by their defensive nature. Being one of the three major ancient castle clusters in China, those castles were praised as “the treasure of Chinese folk dwellings”by experts of ancient architecture.

Shuozhou——An Oasis at Northern Frontier 

[Recommended Route]

Great Landscape and Unique Frontier Culture

Guangwu Great Wall - Yingxian Wood Pagoda- Jinshatan Ancient Battlefield - Lugou Village Cultural Tourism Spot - Youyu Spirits Exhibition Hall

[Route Features]

There are abundant tourism resources in Shuozhou. The Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County is reputed as "the most prestigious wooden pagoda in China", as the tallest and oldest wooden tower-style building existing in China.

Jinzhong——A Livable City and Birthplace of Shanxi Business Culture

[Recommended Route 1]

Charms of Ancient City

Strolling on the ancient city wall, walking through the old streets and lanes while visiting the ancient draft bank, old county administration compound, the polished lacquer ware store, and local specialty shops for beef and matured vinegar.

[Route Features]

The ancient city of Pingyao has a history of more than 2800 years. It retains the basic style of county seat back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It can be regarded as the most complete ancient city existing in the Han nationality region of China. As a live ancient city, it has been selected into the list of world cultural heritage and was in the second batch of national historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council.

[Recommended Route 2]

 Ancient Courtyards in Ancient Cities and Shanxi Business Culture

The First Day: Chang Family Manor - Cao Family Courtyard- Qiao Family Courtyard

The Second Day: Pingyao Ancient City——Wang Family Courtyard

[Route Features]

The tour makes you understand the business philosophy of Shanxi Merchants mainly active in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which are “integrity, enterprising, pragmatic and benefits sharing”. It also helps you to trace the tenacious footsteps of those merchants who crisscrossed Eurasia and to perceive the 500-year dominance in business community.

Yuncheng——The Hometown of Guan Gong and a City of Fortune

[Recommended Route]

Hometown of Guan Gong, City of Fortune

Qijie Food Street - Yuncheng Museum - Haizhou Guandi Temple- Changping Guandi Family Temple - Pingchang Recreational Street - Chishen (Salt Lake God) Temple - Salt Lake – Lanshangeng Yuncheng Impression Recreational Zone

[Route Features]

The Yellow River turned eastward in Yuncheng, a city flourished for the production and trade of salt in ancient times. Famous historical sites include Guandi Temple, Yongle Taoism Temple, Pujiu Temple and Guanque Tower. This land also produced some of the most prestigious scholars or litterateurs in Chinese history, including Wang Wei, Sima Qian, Wang Bo, and Liu Zongyuan. It is truly a place that converges traditional Chinese culture and humanistic spirit.

Xinzhou —— A City for Health Care and Pursuing Spiritual Satisfaction

[Recommended Route]

A Tour for Health Care and Relaxing

Xinzhou Ancient City - Yunzhong River - Qidun Hot Spring - Foguang Temple - Wutai Mountain - Yanmenguan Pass - Luya Mountain - Wannian (10000-year) Ice Cave - Yellow River Bend at Laoniuwan

[Route Features]

Purify your mind at Wutai Mountain Buddhism Holy land; inspire your feeling at Yanmenguan Pass; cheer up your thought at the bank of the Yellow River; cultivate your mind at the Luya Mountain; and clean your soul at the Qidun Hot Spring.

Linfen——A City for Roots Seeking, Soul Following, and of a Delighted Life

[Recommended Route]

Chinese Root•The Soul of Yellow River

Ancient Huozhou County Administration Compound - Hongtong Big Scholar Tree Root-Seeking Ancestral Park - Linfen Museum - Yao Temple and Huamen Scenic Spot - Dingcun Folk Custom Museum - Jin Kingdom Museum - Yunqiu Mountain Scenic Spot—Hukou Waterfall

[Route Features]

All the trips are departures, while in Linfen you are home. The route mainly highlights "roots" and "souls". As the major birthplace of Chinese nation and cradle of Shanxi as a province, Linfen not only offers you the codes to those historical legends, but also a gift from the nature, the Ice Cave in Yunqiu Mountain.

Lvliang——Home to Fenjiu Liquor and a Land with Rich Revolutionary Tradition

[Recommended Route]

Entering the hometown of Fenjiu Liquor, knowing the heroic deeds in the revolution period and enjoying the village life at the bank of the Yellow River

Xinghua Village - Jiajiazhuang Village - Qikou Ancient Town - Xihua Town - Caijiaya Revolutionary Site - Laibao Village - Qianqingtang Village

[Route Features]

Lvliang, with rich revolutionary tradition and fine liquor, is a place to enjoy fine liquor, appreciate old towns, trace the footsteps of the revolutionists and explore the Yellow River culture.

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