Tourists treated to free entry at top attractions
​Huangcheng Xiangfu in Jincheng city is among the largest of all officials' residences in China. Jincheng, a city in the southeast of Shanxi, is offering the largest-ever incentive package to tourists, as part of its efforts to overcome the negative influence of the novel coronavirus epidemic, which is now under control in the province.
Clouds create heavenly view of Wangmang Mountain
​Wangmang Mountain scenic area, which covers an area of 150 square kilometers, was recently shrouded in a sea of clouds, turning the landscape into a fairyland. The highest peak, situated in Jincheng, Shanxi province, is more than 1,700 meters above sea level.
New project puts clean energy at the forefront
​Construction of a plant to produce advanced rigs for extracting coal-bed methane began on Feb 24 in the Jinjiang Industrial Park in Jincheng, Shanxi. It heralds the province becoming the nation's most important base for coal-bed gas equipment production, according to project executives.
Children's hats exhibition displays traditional Shanxi culture
230 hats for children, from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to the present, went on show at the Shanxi Arts Museum in Shanxi province on Tuesday. Being showed in Shanxi for the first time, the hats were all in Jin-style, as "Jin" is the abbreviation of the province. There are four units at the exhibition, presenting the crafting, function, and cultural value of the children's Jin-style hats
SXU shooting and archery squad shines Gaoping
​Archery and shooting athletes from School of Physical Education of Shanxi University (SXU) and local sports officers pose a group photo in Gaoping, Jincheng, Shanxi province on Oct 12, 2017. The squad was invited to Gaoping to promote the archery and shooting skills.
Investors Guide to Jincheng City
Located in the southeast of Shanxi Province,Jincheng covers an area of 9490 km2 with a population of 2.31 million. There are six counties (Chengqu,Zezhou,Gaoping,Yangc-heng,Lingchuan and Qinshui respectively) and one national economic and technological development zone under its jurisdiction.
Tourism carnival promotes Jincheng's profile
The fourth Shanxi Taihang Mountain Culture and Tourism Festival opened in Jincheng on Aug 9, highlighting the city's natural scenery and culture while promoting local tourism.
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