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Shanxi Jincheng Steel Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. (“Jingang Group”) is situated at Bagong Industrial Park of Jincheng, a city   well known as the pearl of Taihang. This convenient location is adjacent to Chang-Jin Highway, Jin-Jiao Highway, 207 National   Road and Tai-Jiao Railway.  Total land area of the factory is more than 250 hectares; Total assets of the group is 8.6 billion yuan; as of yearend of 2010, total accumulated investment in fixed assets reaches 5.6 billion Yuan. The Company employ more than 10000 persons, including 370 technicians with intermediate and senior professional titles, 35 full-time engineers in technology   R&D center.

The Group owns five direct subsidiaries, namely Jincheng Fusheng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Jincheng Congsheng Science and Technology Innovation Industry Co., Ltd., Jincheng Shunsheng New Environment Protection Building Materials Co., Ltd., Fujian Yuansheng Investment Co., Ltd and Shandong Fusheng Iron and Steel International Trade Co., Ltd.Jingang Group is an integrated business consisting of steel production, sales, logistics, raw and indirect materials operation with annual production of 5 million tons of iron, steel and wire rod. It is determined by Shanxi Province as one of the “Six Fleets” to restructure the steel industry to be big and strong. Honors and titles include- a member of China iron and Steel Association,   Vice chairmanship of Shanxi Iron and Steel Association, and the winner of National Advanced Collective of Iron & Steel industry. We are ranked No.10 among the top 30 Private Business of Shanxi Province. We are honorably entitled as the “Quality, Service and Reputation, Triple A Grade demonstration enterprise” and are the biggest private enterprise of iron and steel in Jincheng. “Xin Jin Gang” is the register brand of the Group, which is accredited as “Shanxi Famous Brand” by Shanxi Industry and Commerce Bureau. The products cover HRB335, HRB4oo, HRB500, HRB335E, HRB4ooE, HRB500E, Ф6.0-Ф40mm hot-rolled ribbed bar, Ф5.5-Ф16mm high- speed wire rod and various steel billet. They are awarded as “National Inspection Exemption Product”, "Shanxi Famous Brand Product” and “Consumer- satisfaction product of Shanxi Province”. They are  widely used in national and provincial key projects, such as “Henan Erguang Highway”, “Hebei Hanchang Highway”, “Shandong Jihe Highway”, “Yuci Power Plant”, “Shanxi North Tongpu Railway Multiline”, etc., and are designated as a building steel provider for the key projects of Daxi High- speed Railway Passenger Line, and are well reputed accordingly.

The Group will make great efforts to develop recycling economy and low carbon emission industry, continuously promote the capability in innocation and research of products, and will establish ourselves to be the largest production base of high-quality     building steel, and will make great contributions to Jincheng economy for the speedy development and “Blue Sky Green Water”  engineering.

Welcome to Jincheng

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