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Qinshui Model Ranch of Jincheng City
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The Qinshui Model Ranch (former China Northern Model Ranch, county (division)-level public institution) of Jincheng city in Shanxi province is a key livestock breeding station of Shanxi province, one of the first batch of 52 key livestock breeding stations of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the scientific research base of Shanxi Agricultural University. It has the advantageous conditions for breeding sheep owing to the total area of more than 30,000 mu, and the manners of rail grazing and mechanized management are used. There are now six famous global varieties of sheep and goats, wherein, corriedale was a donated when Hu Yao-bang (the former general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China) visited New Zealand; South African merino for mutton and Angola goats for wool are the firstly introduced and rare original breeds at present in China, respectively. The ranch undertakes multiple subjects of scientific research, such as the “948” Program of the Ministry of Agriculture, the “Introduction and Popularization of African merino for mutton as breeding sheep” as the Provincial Key Technologies R & D Program of Shanxi during the “10th Five-year Plan”, the “breeding of female parent strain of Shangxi sheep for mutton”, etc., as well as the tasks of breading and cultivating black goats.

Welcome to Jincheng

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