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Royal Prime Minister's Palace
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The scenic area of Royal Prime Minister's Palace, located in Huangcheng Village, Beiliu Town, Yangcheng County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, pillows mountain and river, built around the Mountains, with majestic defensive walls, battlements standing in great numbers, officer curtilages and dwellings placed closely side by side, and it is a group of unique architectural complex. The scenic area of Royal Prime Minister's Palace covers a sightseeing area of more than 10 thousands of square meters. It was built on the hillside of a mountain, and there are rows and rows of houses in the castle. The Royal Prime Minister's Palace is the mansion of Chen Tingjing, the tutor of scripture of Kangxi Dynasty, Grand Secretariat of Wenyuan Chamber, had served successively as the minister of the Board of Civil Office, the Board of Revenue, the Board of Punishments and the Board of Works plus three levels, teacher of Kang Xi The Great, chief editor of the Kangxi Dictionary, and a famous prime minister of the Qing Dynasty. There are 8 large courtyards in the inner city, especially the particularly noticeable 30 m high seven-storey Heshan Tower in which there are wells, stone roller, grinder and secret channel to go out of city. 107 soldier hiding caves armed with crossbows and light armour can be used in defense.

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