Qinglian Temple in Zezhou County
Qinglian Temple around Jue Mountain is located on the hillside of Xiashi Mountain, in the north of Sinazhuang Village. It has two yards: the upper one and the lower one. The upper one is Qinglian Temple. on its central axis, there are Heavenly-Kings Hall, Sutra-Collection Pavilion, Sakya Hall, Mahavira Hall, Arhat Tower with two side chambers, Hall of Ksitigarbha,
Royal Prime Minister's Palace
The scenic area of Royal Prime Minister's Palace, located in Huangcheng Village, Beiliu Town, Yangcheng County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, pillows mountain and river, built around the Mountains, with majestic defensive walls, battlements standing in great numbers, officer curtilages and dwellings placed closely side by side, and it is a group of unique arch
Gaoping “Ten Big Bowls”
It is a unique food which consists of ten dishes: water white meat, walnut meat, soup of meat balls, Chuan soup of meat, soup of animals’ intestine, egg soup, swan eggs, tender rice and soup of beans. Each dish has a special taste like the cuisine of the north and the south. However the dishes are put in bowls instead of plates.
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